Hello, I am Madame Jeannine and I am a psychotherapist and writer by profession and passion. I am a woman who appreciates the classic styles of fashion and tries desperately to find clothing that embodies my values, traditional thought, rules and needs to recreate modernity for women. I watch foreign films for intrigue, introspection, good storytelling and superb acting, accurately told history, but also to admire the clothing as well. Originally my intention was to become a Fashion Buyer and my degree gathering began at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising where I graduated in 1987 at the original Los Angeles campus. I grew up watching Lauren Bacall, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Doris Day and sadly, I assumed fashion would continue to create remarkable dresses that took one’s breath away. I assumed I would always envy other women on the streets or at events because the competition would continue to be fierce and keep me on my toes.  Sadly, this has not occurred. Women’s fashions today are shockingly disturbing, risqué, unprofessional, lacking in values and we have lost any one having the desire to be the next Coco, Dior, Valentino, Schiaparelli, Poiret, Lanvin and many more.

Far from being an heir to a Hearst fortune or some other tycoon, I am unable to create a modern woman’s magazine that shows rather than tells. So I’d like to create something here on this website for women, like myself, who are around the world feeling despondent and displaced in time. I’d like to create a collection of guest authors to talk and share photos, ideas, discussions about women’s fashion then and now; so that we can try to reclaim fashion and tell the world that we are here! The topics you might see being discussed would be:

  • Fashion History
  • Psychology of Fashion Trends
  • Movies and Fashion
  • Current Events and Fashion
  • Elegance Then and Now
  • Tips on Where to Find Good Quality Fashion Today

We are women who understand that classic time periods were brilliantly destroyed by politics and that styles and traditions and values were not the problem but the events that served to annihilate these rules, rather than preserve them over time. World War I brought us the end of elegance as women began to shun tradition, drink, have multiple sex partners and shirk responsibility. It wasn’t the clothing that was wrong, but the corset. It was women’s desires to take a 30” waistline down to a size 17” rather than maybe a 27”. The rules were not wrong because they gave us order, created definitions that you could move up to or not. This is no different than a corporation where an employee can consider becoming an executive one day or remain a secretary. Neither position is wrong as both are respectable places to be in, depending on what you want out of life. Whether you have high ideals or prefer stability and security.

This is not about politics and yet it affects trends. We are in holey blue-jeans today and designers think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread even though they continue to bring us repetitive, uninspiring, junk; lacking in vision or inspiration. We are in the “I just woke up,” look or the “Please have sex with me,” (of course the look often says something way more provocative than please and skips sex for the F-word to create the CFM look) lacking in integrity, class or style. It is not about being politically correct but about saying what we would like to see instead of what we are seeing. Period pieces are trying to please American audiences who are extremely judgmental and shun historical accuracy. Therefore movies are desperately trying to place a minority culture in a film that is about a time when none of this would have been possible. Suddenly everyone’s family had a gay relative and the rare jazz singer of course turns up at the Crawley mansion and enters the dining hall. History the way people would like to pretend it happened. This is neither educational nor entertaining because it just patronizes the audience.

This is for women who are struggling to find decent clothing to continue dressing for success, who have good work ethics, and are decent people in our society. This is for women who appreciate class, values and adore the good things in life. We are not hedonists but practical women who have a good eye for fashion, history and its significance, understand the role of education, careers and priority. Hopefully we can be a voice that will bring fashion back to a level of modern elegance and teach our young girls how to respect their bodies, minds and futures.